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Carlos: This…desert Otherworld is just so scientifically interesting! Maybe it’s the most scientifically interesting community I’ve ever seen!

The WTNV fandom:


You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

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Beetlejuice (1988)


What if we start seeing Cecil become more and more monstrous in Carlos’ absence?

His voice loses its brightness until it sounds dull and monotone like in episode 1 and then it gets bitter and unrecognizable and he keeps withdrawing in the station and doing selfish things that affect the town and…

I heard opera is a virus you get from kissing.

—Former Mayor Pamela Winchell, wearing a fake moustache and clumsily altering her voice. (via nightshadetears)


I’m not even halfway done with the ep but I’m shaking I am so happy confirmed nonbinary character in wtnv holy fucking shit



"MOTHERFU-"*distressed honks**high pitched sCREAM„**string of CURSES*(x)


"MOTHERFU-"*distressed honks*
*high pitched sCREAM„*
*string of CURSES*


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